Long experience


Well-Constructed Company

We prefer data to declarations, facts to fiction, measurable results to marketing stories. That is why on our website we write about things we accomplished – this shows who we really are.

Ratings — we are proud of the fact that so many clients become our regular customers. Years of cooperation with electromechanical companies, main partners ZWAE Lębork, TOWIMOR Toruń, AUTOCOMP, TWERD, GASTEL. The perfect example of establishing new contacts is a series of commissions for ABB POLSKA, the global leader in automatics and energy industry. After constructing machines under packaging lines for ABB POLSKA our quality drew attention of a division of the American concern. In the unbeatable deadline and with continuous quality, we took a commission on the next several constructions for ABB USA. That successful cooperation became an inspiration for making more of an effort and the reason to be proud of what we do.

Tasks — Konsmet constitutes great opportunities. We create new products, introduce technologies and offer our own solutions. We change with our clients through realisation of their vision or presenting new, more efficient ways of realisation. We are creative contractors of their best ideas.

Machines –  people operate them, nevertheless, the equipment is vital. The unstoppable technological progress inspires us and thus encourages to constantly improve our skills. Our customers deserve the very best.

People — in the last few years employment increased up to several dozen people. They are all professionals and experts with long experience and extensive knowledge in their field. They make independent, right decisions.  Konsmet constitutes a great team, the sum of perfect elements. We would like to develop a vision of a company as a group of experts, not only employees.

It is a great pleasure to offer you our opportunities.